Wow, what a way to kick off our first event of the year! Our riders and their supporters stayed positive, persevered in the heat and battled extensive road closures to make it a super show with great jumping and exciting new partnerships! There’s so much to look forward to this year…

Kevin Tully’s courses rode beautifully on Brookleigh’s fabulous indoor surface. Huge thanks to our competitors, their helpers, our officials, club helpers and committee members and to our wonderful sponsors whose generous support helps us run our shows and reward our riders.

Congratulations to all competitors and placegetters:


1.10M OPEN (238.2.2/245.3 – AM7)

1st           Kate Wheatley, Brookleigh’s Cascading Colours

2nd          Kate Wheatley, Holmwood Rivergem

3rd           Eleska Brownlee, Classic Mischief

4th           Cindy Lyall, GI Joe

5th           Rosie Oliver, Valiant Star

6th           Lucy Rowe, Pindan


1.10M CWD SELLIER JUNIOR JUMPER (238.2.2/245.3 – AM7)

1st           Izabelle Dobson, Bridget Jones

2nd          Sari Golisano, Vallet

3rd           Grace Fuchsbichler, Devereaux Sea Salt

4th           Izabelle Dobson, Tuala Corango

5th           Heath Ahmat, Sweet As NZPH

6th           Rachel Yovich, True Blue NZPH


1.20M OPEN (238.2.2 – AM5)

1st           Sophie Ahmat, Secrets NZPH

2nd          Cindy Lyall, GI Joe

3rd           Katelyn Prendiville, ESB Irish Leprechaun

4th           Sophie Ahmat, Renaissance NZPH

5th           Gail Hellier, Taminga Ditto

6th           Vaz McLaughlan, APH Rusalka



1st           Sophie Ahmat, Tsarina Van de Wolfsukker

2nd          Rosie Oliver, Valiant Star

3rd           Lucy Rowe, Pindan

4th           Eleska Brownlee, Classic Mischief

5th           Shenae Lowings, Parkiarrup Peregrine

6th           Sophie Ahmat, Mon Amie NZPH


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