2016 SRSJC Organising Committee

SRSJC Chair Suzanne McGill announced new committee members Matilda O’Connor and Junior Member Grace Fuchsbichler to this year’s SRSJC organising body. “It’s wonderful having Matilda fills the spot opened by the recent sabbatical request by Jessamy Walsh while she completes her nursing studies,” said Suzanne. “Adding Grace to the newly formed position of Junior Committee Member and having younger senior members like Matilda means that we’re grooming the next generation of showjumping organisers from an early point so that they’re ready to take over when the time is right.”

“Our committee members, who include riders, coaches and administrators, bring a broad wealth of experiences from within and outside the equestrian industry that really contribute to our events,” commented Suzanne, who – along with Les Bunning and Gail Hellier – is a founding member of the club, which was launched in 2008.

2016 SRSJc Organising Committee:

Suzanne McGill (Chair), Gail Hellier (Treasurer), Emma Isbister (Secretary/Social Media), Les Bunning (Riders’ Rep), Andrea Fuchsbichler (Entries), Chelsea McInnes (Prizes & Entertainment Coordinator) Sarah Isbister (Web Coordinator), Nadia Gronow (Helper Coordinator), Nanette Hollis (Sponsorship Co-Coordinator), Matilda O’Connor, Grace Fuchsbichler

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