After a two-year hiatus, SRSJC returns to Brookleigh’s outdoor arena for its Autumn Jumping Carnival, 26 & 27 May. “SRSJC got its start in Brookleigh’s outdoor arena and we’re excited to return there with a major two-day event, jumping on a surface that’s been expanded and upgraded by Shawn Squire and Stewart Kamman’s SNS EquestEarth,” said SRSJC Chair Suzanne McGill.

The show will kick off on Saturday with the first of SRSJC’s new Youth Series Qualifiers – an encouragement series giving less experienced riders 15 & under an opportunity to compete in the main ring. “Like our Junior and Young Rider series (both offered at this show), the Youth programme is progressive, with a leader board, and aims to see participants competing at 1.04cm or above by the end of our season.”

SRSJC’s EWA Jumping Bronze qualifier gives 1.15m horses with 20 official points or under the chance to advance on the official state leaderboard, with the EWA Jumping Novice class being a springboard for horses with 6 points or less. Amateur riders can boost their leaderboard hopes in SRSJC’s EquineWorld Amateur Qualifier, while  additional classes throughout the weekend can gain SRSJC leaderboard and championship qualifying points to competitors at all levels.

“One of this year’s most exciting concepts is our SRSJC Charity Teams Tournament. Riders don’t often get the opportunity to compete in teams and riding to contribute to a charity make this even more significant.

Before or at our May show, riders can nominate horse/rider combinations to qualify to for eligibility on one of (a maximum of) six teams. The teams will have three riders jumping at a level for which they have qualified during SRSJC’s May-August shows. Team participants will be drawn from a Teams leaderboard, with selection being the best-performing horse/rider combinations in 1.10-1.20m (18 years & under only); 1.15-1.25m (open ages); and 1.25-1.35m (open ages). The teams will be randomly drawn and announced just before SRSJC’s Annual Championships in September. Competitors will gain teams points in SRSJC Championships classes that also serve as ‘teams’ competitions (this will not affect their individual placings in these classes.)





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