ENTRIES CLOSE EARLY DUE TO BIG DEMAND FOR SRSJC’s Horseland Young Showjumping Horse Championship

Photo above (Eric Lloyd Photography):  Interstate judge Paula Hamood jumping 2017 Champion Young Showjumping Horse Jakoma Equestrian Air Wings Z

SRSJC organisers tonight announced that entries for the club’s June show will CLOSE THURSDAY, 14 JUNE, due to high entry demand and already-filled classes.

Its iconic Horseland Young Showjumping Horse makes SRSJC’s June shows perennially popular for anyone interested in jumping, but entries in this year’s general height competition also tsunamied across the 80cm-1.30m+ classes.

“We’ve run a slightly different competition programme this year,” said SRSCJC Chair Suzanne McGill, “pitching some classes slightly lower to account for competition trends in WA at the current time of year.” The adjusted formula appears to have worked. While young horse participation is down slightly from previous years, that’s an unpredictable figure, noted Suzanne. “A couple of prominent riders who own and train young horses moved East at the start of 2018. Others have been sold, while others still in WA aren’t quite ready to perform at the required level for their ages – 90cm for 4-year olds; 1.05m for 6-year olds; 1.15m for 6-year olds; and 1.25m for 7-year olds.”

However, this year’s field will be highly competitive with considerable quality that should impress this year’s highly experienced judging panel: WA’s Roger Kammann and Darren Taylor and NSW-based  international showjumper Colleen Brook, a veteran of three World Cup jumping finals and a highly respected trainer of countless young showjumping horses and riders.

RIDERS STILL WANTING ENTRIES TO SRSJC’S JUNE 2018 SHOW…..  Sunday’s 1.20 and 1.30m and Saturday’s 80cm, 90cm and 1.05m Rehearsal Rounds (which can be entered EVEN IF YOU AREN’T jumping in the young horse or Sunday classes).

WAITLISTS: There are bound to be some scratchings – please text requests and/or scratchings to Nanette, 0417-902-734.

SPECTATORS WELCOME. This is a great show to watch even if you’re not competing, especially Sunday’s PATERSONS SECURITIES MINI PRIX and, of course, THE FINAL FOUR.  Seating indoors and refreshments available on site. See you at the show!!

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