Photos by Eric Lloyd: Top, 2018 Final Four; Above, Colleen Brook riding 2018 Champion Kentaur Coralline.

Where will we find tomorrow’s jumping superstars?

If records are anything to go by, then Brookleigh’s indoor arena was the place to be during Swan River Showjumping’s 8th annual Horseland Young Showjumping Horse Championship.

The Championship’s uncanny crystal ball has repeatedly predicted horses progressing to significant jumping careers. This year’s crop of four to seven-year old horses was outstanding – although down in overall numbers,perhaps due to the change in calculating horses’ birthdays to the day they are born, rather than universally on 1 August each year.

The event’s 2018 judges were as outstanding as the horses, spearheaded by equestrian legend Colleen Brook (NSW), who represented Australia in multiple winning Nations Cups and three World Cup Finals. Joining her were local luminaries Roger Kammann and Darren Taylor.

Held two days, Saturday saw the horses judged in age classes against their peers for their education/flatwork plus jumping over Kevin Tully’s straightforward courses. On Sunday, Colleen rode and assessed the winners of each class in The Final Four Masterclass. And masterful it was, with Colleen educating and entertaining a large group of spectators as she rode the three mares and a gelding.

“This is fun! A forward-thinking, blood-type horse, so careful and very balanced for a four-year old,” exclaimed Colleen, as she cantered by the grandstand on the first horse, 4-year old mare Kentaur Coralline (x Corland VDL x Apen Park Ramira x Ramiro), purposefully bred by WA local Lucy Galovicova. Exclamations continued about the next three horses, Colleen calling Caitlin Bolger’s 5-year old gelding Caprino (x Yalambi’s Carpino Z) – an age-class winner for the second year, “…. a powerful horse, very savvy, with a wonderful canter.”

Bridget Kelly’s extravagant jumping 6-year old, mare Cera Diarada (x Diarado), prompted Colleen to claim, “I think I’m going to get jumped out of the saddle…. This horse is forward, light as a feather in its mouth.” And while she also appreciated “the great feeling of strength and power,” of Caitlin Bolger’s 7-year old, Oaks Quickstep (x Quintender), it was Kentaur Coralline (ridden Saturday by Courtney O’Sullivan for the owners, the Auguste family) who took podium placing as 2018 Champion, after somewhat lengthy discussion amongst the three judges.

While young horses were the weekend highlight, Sunday’s programme also included thrilling height competition. Oaks Quickstep’s decisive win in the Patersons Securities 1.30m Mini Prix continued validating SRSJC’s young horse judging format. Alison Hanson and Soniques Rio Blue speeded to win the Eric Lloyd Photography Open 90cm and Ellie Gough and Western Diva won the Eric Lloyd Photography 1.00cm. Neil Ozanne and Sarnia’s Noblewood Classic continued their comeback by winning the Quickmail 1.10m Open and very nearly captured the Kentaur 1.20m Open until Rebecca Donovan’s brilliant and quick double clear continued her current winning streak on previous age class placegetter, Carpina.

With results tallied, we see exciting times ahead for all of the competitors – especially for the exceptional young horses in SRSCJ’s past and present Horseland Young Showjumping Horse Championships. See RESULTS for complete results for the weekend.

4-YEAR OLD HORSES –Sponsored by Horseland & Sovereign Performance Horses

Winner Courtney O’Sullivan –  Kentaur Coralline
2nd        Shane Giblett –  Benson’s Versimo

3rd         Rebecca Donovan –  Chartreuse
4th         Sophie Ahmat –  Sovereign’s Rolls Royce
5th         Caitlin Bolger –  Colmay
6th         Casey Gill –  Lakeside’s Cadence

5-YEAR OLD HORSES – Sponsored by Horseland & Perth Performance Horses

Winner  Caitlin Bolger – Caprino
2nd         Kate Wheatley – Oaks Alchemy
3rd          Tahlia Baxter –  Icarus Blue Diamond
4th          Rosie Oliver – Cadeau
5th          Rachel Yovich – Benson’s Cat Balou
6th          Bridget Kelly – Romonique

6-YEAR OLD HORSES – Sponsored by Horseland & Yalambi Farm Stud

Winner Bridget Kelly – Cera Diarada
2nd        Caitlin Bolger – Chai-Time
3rd          Bridget Kelly  – Quantico
4th          Georgie Siciliano – Hero Chin P
5th          Grace  – Equus Holiday
6th          Tess Lill  –  Tulara Stolmine

7-YEAR OLD HORSES – Sponsored by Horseland & Jakoma Equestrian

Winner Oaks Quickstep – Caitlin Bolger
2nd         Sarah Isbister – Lafayette MVNZ
3rd          Rosie Oliver – Bicento
4th          Daisy Scott – Pico Bam


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