Continual heavy rains are great for creating green pastures, but have waterlogged the grass at the SEC, forcing SRSJC to re-locate our August 4 show to the outdoor arena at Brookleigh. The decision to change venues was made after consulting the SEC’s management. The first course will now open for walking at 7am, with Class 1 starting at 7.30 and changed to an A2 (article 238.2.1), with Class 2 now running under 274.5.6, super 2-phase format.

Entries and scratchings (without vet or doctors’ certificates) will be open until Sunday, 29 July at 4pm.

“We were disappointed we had to cancel our SEC booking and couldn’t provide an opportunity for riders to jump on grass , but were pleased we could reschedule outdoors at Brookleigh. Riders were really happy with the surface when we ran our May show there after the arena had been renovated and expanded,” commented SRSJC Chair, Suzanne McGill. “There’s been spectacular demand for entries and waitlists in nearly all of the classes, so that makes it all the more critical to jump on a surface that works in all weather.”

Bulging entries and enormous waitlists mean that riders will have to be vigilant about being on time for classes. “There’s no choice….Those not at the gate ready to compete in draw order when their names are called will seriously risk disqualification from that class, unless they’ve informed the judge and gate marshal that there’s a reason they must go out of order.”

The large number of waitlist requests makes it especially important for riders to text scratchings or change requests to Nanette (0417-902-734).



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