ENTRIES ARE AVAILABLE ONLINE ONLY by credit card at www.globalentriesonline.comNO ENTRIES ON THE DAY


HELPER’S FEE & FIRST AID LEVY. Non-refundable payment by all riders at  official SRSJC  competitions.

DRAW ORDER: Riders must compete in the order of the draw, unless otherwise arranged with the judge or SRSJC official. Riders not ready to compete at the entry gate for a class once their name is called risk elimination from that class.

THE SAME HORSE CAN ONLY COMPETE IN ONE CLASS AT EACH HEIGHT LEVEL. I.e., horses in Class 3A can’t enter 3B, etc, per class restrictions on the programme.

  ONLY TWO CLASSES PER DAY PER HORSE unless otherwise specified.

— WAITLISTED ENTRIES  Immediate online payment is required when riders are notified about getting a place in the waitlisted class.

COMPETITION ATTIRE: Proper attire including jackets, shirts with buttoned collars, stocks or ratcatchers and white or beige jodhpurs/breeches. When riders are allowed to ride without jackets, their shirts must have short or long sleeves.

PRESENTATIONS: Riders MUST appear for MOUNTED presentations & be in competition attire to receive their awards and placings.

STALLIONS: Must be securely stabled or yarded and display green discs on both sides of saddlecloths or bridles, as per EA jumping rules. When tied at trucks, they should be supervised at all times.

PROGRAMME: The organizers reserve the right to change the classes and/or programme without prior notice.

PERFORMANCE CARDS & HORSE REGISTRATION: Must be current in order to collect prize money in official classes with points. Current registration is checked with the EWA registrar before every show.

ELIGIBILITY: Only current EWA & PCAWA members who pay for SRSJC Day Membership at each show can ride at SRSJC events.

PATERSONS PLATE: A minimum of 25% of horses from Round 1 will participate in Round 2. Penalties in Round 1 will be carried into and determine the draw order in Round 2 (reverse penalties). If there is equality of penalties for first place, there will be a jump off. Horses participating in a jump off round will be placed on penalties and time in that round; all others will be placed on aggregate penalties over both rounds and time from Round 1.

AMATEUR RIDERS: Riders 21 years and over who have never competed in jumping or eventing at an Olympic or World Equestrian Games, a 4-Star/ 3-day event or a World Cup jumping event. They must not have competed in Section 1 or 2 classes at any Royal Show in Australia in the past two years.  Any horse competing in a class starting higher than 1.20m at the same show cannot enter an ‘Amateur’ class. Riders must be EWA members and the horse/s officially registered or leased to them.

YOUTH RIDERS: Riders 15 years & under (turning 15 as of 1 Jan 2018) can enter SRSJC’s Youth Classes as long as they or their horse does NOT compete in a class at that show where the first round is higher than 1.05m. To participate in SRSJC’s Youth Championship, riders must participate in at least one Youth Qualifiers at 2018 SRSJC events.

SRSJC  YOUTH, JUNIOR, YOUNG RIDER & SENIOR HI POINTS AWARDS & CHAMPIONSHIP CLASSES: Based on aggregate points of rider/horse combinations in designated classes at SRSJC events excluding SRSJC’s Annual Championships. Junior and YR candidates can win one title or the other but not both, with the YR rider award superseding the Junior. Senior awards for horse/rider combinations are taken from official points classes. To participate in SRSJC’s Junior or YR Championships and be eligible for Hi Points awards, riders must participate in at least one Youth, Junior or YR Qualifier at 2018 SRSJC events.

RUBBISH: All manure, hay  and rubbish must be cleaned up around floats, trucks and yards before leaving the grounds. It is not the responsibility of the event organisers or venue to clean up what’s left behind by individual participants.

SRSJC MEMBER DISCOUNT: SRSJC members receive a $5 per class discount on entries & waitlist preference; New membership is available only online at members must renew via the link emailed at the start of each year to all previous members or contact

REFUND POLICY: Only organisers (not Global Entries) can issue refunds by emailing or texting Nanette at 0417 902 734  before the close of entries. Later scratching refunds require vet/doctor certificates received by SRSJC within 3 days after the competition. Other scratchings are non-refundable. Any changes made by riders during shows are at the discretion of the organiser and costs adjusted accordingly. to receive refunds, competitors must notify us about self-scratchings so we are aware a horse has been scratched. A $10 administration fee and non-refundable $12 helper fee applies to all refunds.

In the event that a show must be cancelled, the organiser reserves the right to cancel, suspend or postpone SRSJC events due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances. If finances allow, the organisers will endeavour to refund riders for unused class entry fees and return a portion of other fees when possible and as deemed appropriate. A $10 administration fee and the $12 non-refundable helper fee will be retained regardless to help offset event costs.

NO HAY is allowed in the yards surrounding the indoor arena.

DRAWS AVAILABLE at least two days prior to an event on and http://www.swan

Riders must be current EWA or (PCAWA) SRSJC Day Members. Draws are available online only.

ENQUIRIES: email or text Nanette, 0417 902 734Check for news and updates on the SRSJC website ( and SRSJC’s Facebook page.

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