What such a special weekend of jumping at SRSJC’s June 18-19 show and Horseland Young Showjumping Horse Championship, with strong competition in all of the age classes. 

European breeding dominated the placings with Australian-bred Warmblood and imported horses ‘on the podium.’ Congratulations to 2016 CHAMPION YOUNG SHOWJUMPING HORSE, JEP MATILDA’S BOY (Chicago x Yalambi’s Waltzing Matilda). This is the second time in six years that a  four-year old horse has out-jumped older competitors to capture the overall championship – and even more remarkable because this year’s champion is the progeny of two previous Horseland Young Showjumping Horse champions – the dam of JEP Matilda’s Boy being Yalambi’s Waltzing Matilda (2011) and his sire Chicago (2014). Congratulations to the four-year old gelding’s owner/breeder Donna Franceschi and rider Darren Taylor, as well as to Chicago’s owner, Chadd Donovan, and Matilda’s owner, Donna Franceschi, and breeder, Yalambi Stud Farm.

2016 CHAMPION YOUNG SHOWJUMPING HORSE: JEP MATILDA’S BOY – 4YO (Chicago x Yalambi’s Waltzing Matilda).

2016 FINALISTS: NOBLEWOOD PARK BARCELONA – 5YO (Rider/Owner Rick Dabner); YALAMBI’S FAIR DIAMOND – 6YO (Rider/Owner Rory Hovell); OAKS VALENTINA – 7YO (Owner: Young Equestrian; rider Anna McGregor)

The quality of this year’s young horses meant that our panel of three judges had their work cut out for them in placing them in the individual classes. Comprising the finalists were two stallions, Yalambi’s Fair Diamond (6YO – imported) and Noblewood Park Barcelona (5-YO ), one gelding, JEP Matilda’s Boy (4YO) and a mare, Oaks Valentina (7YO), and it was fascinating to see them jumping in The Final Four when sensitively ridden  by guest interstate judge, World Cup rider/young horse specialist Amanda Madigan (NSW), and assessed with her fellow judging panelists Alan Campbell and Kellie-Ann Crowe.

Thanks so much to Cheryl Campbell and the WA Horseland stores for being the driving support behind these young horse competitions and also to the 2016 Young Horse Age Class co-sponsors Oaks Sport Horses, Jakoma Equestrian, Riverwood Lodge & West Coast Vets and Yalambi Farm Stud. Many thanks also to Quickmail, which sponsored and beautifully printed our event programme; Patersons Securities for backing our Winter Grand Prix; NG Equine for supporting the Junior Jumper and Jakoma Equestrian for sponsoring the Young Rider class; Subway Midvale for feeding our officials, sponsors and helpers; EWA High Performance for supporting The Final Four as a Master Class; Brookleigh for providing its popular hire and Spa vouchers; Bindoon Tractors for loaning some stunning Jump4Joy jumps Hey Pesto for delicious refreshments and Eric Lloyd ( for his super photos.

  • Click on Results to see all placings at the event, including Sunday’s additional competition classes.

Watch for news here about SRSJC’s next event: Our 2016 ANNUAL CHAMPIONSHIPS, 20-21 August.



Entries are now open online for SRSJC’s iconic Horseland Young Showjumping Horse Championship plus its programme of Junior, Senior and Young Rider classes.

This is SRSJC’s sixth annual young horse event, the only dedicated competition its kind in Western Australia and one of the few held Australia-wide. It’s proven to be a highly accurate predictor of jumping talent, with many horses which have won and placed progressing to impressive national and international jumping careers.

We’re pleased this year to welcome NSW-based Amanda Madigan as our interstate guest riding judge, joined by WA professionals Alan Campbell and Kellie Ann Crowe. A World Cup rider and outstanding young horse specialist, Amanda has trained and produced numerous World Cup horses, including international stars Vivant, Conquistador and Caracas. Spectators won’t want to miss seeing her ride and assess the top four age group winners in Sunday’s The Final Four, which doubles as an EWA High Performance Masterclass.

Course Designer: Kevin Tully; Guest Young Horse Judges: Amanda Madigan, Alan Campbell & Kellie Ann Crowe

Saturday, 18 June: 90 & 100cm classes plus 4, 5, 6, & 7 Year Old Young Horse competition

Sunday, 19 June: 1.05-1.35m classes plusThe Final Four’ Horseland Young Showjumping Horse decider/EWA High Performance Master Class

Entries close Monday, 13 June at 2015 Horseland Young Showjumping Horse Champion,  Point Break, David Dobson and Cheryl Campbell..

Enquiries: or call Andrea, 0428 518 665, or Suzanne, 0419 912 533

Super Success for SRSJC’s inaugural 2016 Autumn Indoor Jumping Carnival

Wild weather conditions on Saturday couldn’t hold back enthusiastic competitors at SRSJC’s inaugural Autumn Indoor Jumping Carnival, 21 & 22 May.

There was great jumping over the terrific tracks designed by our interstate guest Michael Haese (FEI-3/SA) for SRSJC’s inaugural Autumn Indoor Jumping Carnival. Michael was so impressed with the horses competing at the show – especially some of our emerging talent.
Although wet conditions prevailed outside on Sunday, how fortunate we were to be able to jump indoors – and protected from the elements – on Brookleigh’s wonderful surface.
Thanks so much to the large number of competitors and their helpers for supporting the show, especially considering Saturday’s testing conditions. Special thanks to Michael Haese, judge Sarah Ozanne, timekeeper Ed Murphy, Nikki Harwood & Brookleigh Equestrian and our crew of hardworking helpers and the amazing SRSJC committee plus our class sponsors at this show, Patersons Securities, EWA Jumping, Jakoma Equestrian and NG Equine Services, who, along with all of our generous 2016 sponsors, enable us to run great events:
Congratulations to the winners and placegetters…. Winners here, click on Results page to see full results.
90cm (super 2-phase)            David Goodwin, Bensens HyVista
1.00m (super 2-phase)           Kate Wheatley, Brookleigh’s Cascading Colours
1.10m (238.2.2/245.3)              Izabelle Dobson, Bridget Jones
1.20m (238.2.2/245.2)             Tessa Lill, Mundaring Tyres Twistie
1.30m (238.2.2/245.3)              Rosie Oliver, Valiant Star
1.05m (238.2.2/245.3)                Daisy Scott, Pico Bam
1.05m Open (238.2.2/245.3)     Jodi Godenzie, The Right Trak
1.15m Open (238.2.2/245.3)      Kirsten Lentz, DvZ Quintara
Junior Jumper (238.2.2/245.3) Chloe Versteegan, Raylen’s Eliza
Patersons Securities/EWA Jumping HOTY (238.2.2)  Caitlin Bolger, Oaks Dreamtime
Jakoma Equestrian/EWA Jumping Silver Series  (238.2.2) Nell Henry, Noblewood Park Corsair
Jakoma Equestrian Young Rider (238.2.2)  Lucinda Bunning, Fairway Park AJ
Next SRSJC event: Indoors at Brookleigh, 18 & 19 June – The 2016 Horseland Young Showjumping Horse Championship, EWA Young Master Qualifiers plus height & young rider classes. Programme to be posted soon.

SRSJC’s 2016 AUTUMN INDOOR JUMPING CARNIVAL – Enter online now until 18 May


21 & 22 May indoors at Brookleigh Equestrian Centre – Course designer: Michael Haese, FEI-3 (South Australia)

Entries fill quickly, so don’t delay entering online at

  • 80cm-1.35m classes on Brookleigh’s wonderful indoor surface, including EWA JUMPING HORSE OF THE YEAR & EWA SILVER SERIES QUALIFIERS plus Young Rider, Junior Jumper and a wide range of height classes..
  • Two days of great jumping  & perfect preparation for SRSJC’s indoor 2016 Horseland Young Showjumping Horse Championship (18-19 June)
  • EWA Members & PCAWA Members with SRSJC Day Membership are welcome to compete at this show.
  • Horses competing 1.05m and above must have current EWA Jumping Performance Cards.
  • Enquiries: or call Andrea, 0428 518 655 or Suzanne, 0419 912 533


With key SRSJC organising members out of state in April, SRSJC is cancelling its previously scheduled 23 April show at Brookleigh and replacing it with a special two-day event on 21 & 22 May.

Our inaugural Autumn Indoor Jumping Carnival includes EWA Jumping Horse of the Year and Silver Series Qualifiers, Junior, Young Rider, points restricted competition and height classes that will be perfect for prepping  young horses for the club’s upcoming indoor Horseland Young Showjumping Horse Championship on 19-20 June.

For the Carnival, we’re pleased to announce that FEI-3 international course designer Michael Haese will be on board, freshly returned to Australia after designing courses in the USA. Michael has previously designed for Southside and Geraldton’s Championship shows.

Look for SRSJC’s Autumn Indoor Jumping Carnival programme and online entries  at in early May.

2016 SRSJC Organising Committee

SRSJC Chair Suzanne McGill announced new committee members Matilda O’Connor and Junior Member Grace Fuchsbichler to this year’s SRSJC organising body. “It’s wonderful having Matilda fills the spot opened by the recent sabbatical request by Jessamy Walsh while she completes her nursing studies,” said Suzanne. “Adding Grace to the newly formed position of Junior Committee Member and having younger senior members like Matilda means that we’re grooming the next generation of showjumping organisers from an early point so that they’re ready to take over when the time is right.”

“Our committee members, who include riders, coaches and administrators, bring a broad wealth of experiences from within and outside the equestrian industry that really contribute to our events,” commented Suzanne, who – along with Les Bunning and Gail Hellier – is a founding member of the club, which was launched in 2008.

2016 SRSJc Organising Committee:

Suzanne McGill (Chair), Gail Hellier (Treasurer), Emma Isbister (Secretary/Social Media), Les Bunning (Riders’ Rep), Andrea Fuchsbichler (Entries), Chelsea McInnes (Prizes & Entertainment Coordinator) Sarah Isbister (Web Coordinator), Nadia Gronow (Helper Coordinator), Nanette Hollis (Sponsorship Co-Coordinator), Matilda O’Connor, Grace Fuchsbichler


Wow, what a way to kick off our first event of the year! Our riders and their supporters stayed positive, persevered in the heat and battled extensive road closures to make it a super show with great jumping and exciting new partnerships! There’s so much to look forward to this year…

Kevin Tully’s courses rode beautifully on Brookleigh’s fabulous indoor surface. Huge thanks to our competitors, their helpers, our officials, club helpers and committee members and to our wonderful sponsors whose generous support helps us run our shows and reward our riders.

Congratulations to all competitors and placegetters:


1.10M OPEN (238.2.2/245.3 – AM7)

1st           Kate Wheatley, Brookleigh’s Cascading Colours

2nd          Kate Wheatley, Holmwood Rivergem

3rd           Eleska Brownlee, Classic Mischief

4th           Cindy Lyall, GI Joe

5th           Rosie Oliver, Valiant Star

6th           Lucy Rowe, Pindan


1.10M CWD SELLIER JUNIOR JUMPER (238.2.2/245.3 – AM7)

1st           Izabelle Dobson, Bridget Jones

2nd          Sari Golisano, Vallet

3rd           Grace Fuchsbichler, Devereaux Sea Salt

4th           Izabelle Dobson, Tuala Corango

5th           Heath Ahmat, Sweet As NZPH

6th           Rachel Yovich, True Blue NZPH


1.20M OPEN (238.2.2 – AM5)

1st           Sophie Ahmat, Secrets NZPH

2nd          Cindy Lyall, GI Joe

3rd           Katelyn Prendiville, ESB Irish Leprechaun

4th           Sophie Ahmat, Renaissance NZPH

5th           Gail Hellier, Taminga Ditto

6th           Vaz McLaughlan, APH Rusalka



1st           Sophie Ahmat, Tsarina Van de Wolfsukker

2nd          Rosie Oliver, Valiant Star

3rd           Lucy Rowe, Pindan

4th           Eleska Brownlee, Classic Mischief

5th           Shenae Lowings, Parkiarrup Peregrine

6th           Sophie Ahmat, Mon Amie NZPH



Compete at SRSJC’s 13 March show to get ready for Yalambi’s Showjumping Classic and Capel CNC!! 

Enter Online by Tuesday, 8 March for SRSJC Indoors at Brookleigh

Course Designer: Kevin Tully
Online entries only accepted:

Classes start at 8am. Course opens at 7.30am: 
90cm & 100cm (Open)
1.10m (Open & Junior Jumper)
1.20m (Open & Young Rider)
1.30m (Paterson Securities Open)

  • Current EWA and PCAWA (Non-EWA) competitors with SRSJC Day Insurance (purchased with entries) can compete at this show.
  • Horses competing 1.05m+ classes must be EWA registered with 2016 Performance Cards.
  • Join online as an SRSJC Annual Club Member and save $5 per class on your entry fees! (Members see discounted fees only when entering).
  • Enquiries: Andrea, 0428 518 655 or Suzanne, 0419 912 533. Or contact us at
  • Remember to contact the organisers regarding scratchings & refunds. See our Conditions & Information on Global Entries or at for refund details.

Premier Showjumping Competition!